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People I admire and why

This post aims to be an list of very interesting people that I admire following with the reasons that justify it. You could benefit from this list by getting nice links of Blogs, profiles, posts, etc. It’s beneficial for me because I can see more clearly what kinds of things I want to achieve in my life and good inspirational examples of that.

Julia Evans

This girl, Evans, is simply an awesome person with an magnificent intellect. She’s like a mad scientist, a inspired programmer, and a proactive professional, always looking for new tools and profound knowledge of her skill set. I saw some papers of her about computer and math! I think she has a degree in math. I get to know her in a talk she was giving about how to became a kernel hacker and I must say that her interest inspires me a lot! She has a blog that you can find here.

Why she is cool?

I appreciate her style of writing down with no discomfort to say “ - Here I don’t know, yet this is one thing that I’ll research”. I’m currently on a group of people that can only write in a extremely formal way, only when I’m comfortable with my current knowledge. In resume, only when I can look like I’m a bad ass of software development. Her way of approaching writing is more human, more inspiring.

She uses VIM! :P

Her journaling style of blogging is just super cool.

She does a good job evangelizing strace command. This is kinda a nice think to do, to specialize in a tool, I’m thinking in doing the same with the curl utility - thats is saving me a big time currently.

But probably the thing that I admire the most on her is her excitement with her professional life. I love this in people, and I think I’m more or less this way too, but I’m just too shy to show the majority of times. It’s boring to hear people saying: “- oh.. Why I choose CS? I should had studied Y instead, much more money, much less trouble!”.

I want to be more like you Evans!

For now that’s it. As time goes on I intent do grow this list with more interesting people.