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Unix Way Rewards

What I find more amazing of applying the Unix way is the exponential dividends it pays off as you go forward in your experience.

That small, single scoped things you built (or installed) start to became useful in may unpredictable ways. In my vacation I spent a lot of time improving some small parts of my process, I’m quite happy with the results.

In the following weeks I hope to post a little about this improvements. But in a nutshell I made lots of improvements on Vim - finally I can say without shame I’m a power user of it. I started the integration of a CLi mail (mutt), I configured a calendar on Cli that syncs with Google Calendar and I also made some huge improvements on my desktop manager and bars.

In the base of all these improvements is Bash by whom I’m most grateful. The language is ugly but extremely powerful, I can’t express how it’s important for a good developer to master it.